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GrimmSpeed 02+ Subaru EJ Engines Turbo Heat Shield V2

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Minimize Heat Soak with the ALL NEW Turbo Heat Shield!

The turbocharger is one of the hottest components in your engine bay and can have some really negative effects on its surroundings. As it gets red-hot, it also heats your intercooler and the charge air going through it into your engine, resulting in a loss of power. In stock form, the turbo is covered by an OEM heat shield, however this heat shield will not fit with most aftermarket downpipes or turbos. The GrimmSpeed V2 Turbo Heat Shield solves this problem as it’s designed to fit a variety of aftermarket downpipes and turbos with one job in mind: to decrease the heat in your engine bay and keep that TMIC as cool as possible!

To us, both form and function are priorities when it comes to modifying cars and that's why we’ve raised the bar with the Version 2 of our extremely popular heat shield. We’ve taken things to the next level with an all new bold design that not only covers more of the turbo to reduce heat, but is also a beautiful aesthetic piece that compliments the rest of your GrimmSpeed parts. This new design is even easier to install, avoiding the poor fitment issues of competitors and is resistant to the cracking problem that other heat shields are afflicted with. The GrimmSpeed Turbo Heat Shield is constructed out of 304 Stainless Steel featuring a gorgeous brushed finish, complimented by a laser-etched GrimmSpeed logo. The heat shield is also available with a functional black ceramic coating (sans laser etched logo) that provides additional benefits against the heat. On top of that, because of YOUR requests, we’ve gone a step further and added an optional pre-cut DEI Reflect-A-GOLD™ foil that can be utilized to further reduce radiant heat from your turbo.

Quick Specs

  • Proven to Keep Performance-Robbing Heat Away From Your Intercooler
  • CNC-Cut and Bent for the Perfect Fit
  • Fits all Factory and Most Aftermarket Downpipes and Turbos on USDM LHD Subarus
  • Durable 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Grade 10.9 Zinc-Plated Replacement Hardware Included
  • Designed, Manufactured and Assembled in the USA


To test the effectiveness of the heat shield in reducing temperature on the surface of the intercooler near the turbo, a test vehicle was driven in a predetermined loop and measured in the same location for each heat shield configuration. The drive loop consisted of 6 miles of low speed driving, followed by 10 miles of highway driving. The vehicle was then returned to the shop, where a FLIR C2 Thermal Imaging Camera was used to measure the temperature of the surface on the side of a GrimmSpeed STI TMIC. The measured location used was just above the passenger side bracket (for consistency) and is of interest due to its proximity to the turbocharger. All of the testing was performed on the same day, driving the same path with the same amount of WOT, in 20 degree F ambient temperature. The temperature measurement for each heat shield configuration is as follows:


As you can see, The GrimmSpeed V2 Turbo Heat Shield offers an impressive improvement of over 20% heat reduction as measured at the surface of the TMIC when compared to an exposed turbocharger. The addition of the DEI Reflect-A-GOLD™ foil increased that improvement an additional 10%. The black ceramic coated heat shield offered an even greater improvement with a heat reduction of over 32%. When coupled with our pre-cut gold foil, the overall heat reduction reaches a staggering 36%.

You can find more information on the DEI Reflect-A-GOLD™ Foil here and add it to your order using the selection button above:


This heat shield is designed to fit all factory and most aftermarket downpipes and turbos on LHD Subarus with the EJ-series turbo engine

NOTE: You will reuse both of your OEM heat shield brackets to install this unit, if you need to replace those for whatever reason, make sure to select them above at an additional cost

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