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HKS EVC7 Electronic Boost Controller

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- Built-in 2.4 inch full color TFT LCD display and provides better readability in simple UI, text size and fonts.
- Basic performance as a boost controller is similar to the EVC6-IR 2.4, but we also introduced the "Easy Operation System" to make setting easier than ever.
- Simply dial the navigation switch for setting boost value. Up to 4 boost settings can be stored individually for each different driving scenes. (10x10 correction map grid point)
- "EVC HIPER-ENGINE" CPU offers faster control speed and supports CAN communication. Additional option is also available in the future.
- Valve unit drives by EVC's traditional stepping motor, making a precise and reliable boost control.

Main functions

Compact design
Both the display unit and valve unit are compact, so they can be easily installed in the room or engine room.

High boost compatible
Boost control is possible over a wide range from normal to 300KPA [43.0PSI].

Easy boost settings
The boost setting is controlled by directly inputting the boost for each of the A, B, C, and D modes, thus realizing intuitive operability.

Normal return function
By turning off the EVC function, it will return to normal boost. In some models, the boost may be lower than before installation.

Scramble function
Equipped with a scramble function to increase the boost by the amount of the scramble setting. It works by pressing the dial on the display unit.

4 mode boost setting function
Since four independent boost settings can be made, it is possible to use differently depending on the application.

Warning function
If the boost exceeds the warning set value and meets the warning condition, a buzzer or display warns and the boost for the set point is reduced. This is to prevent turbo or engine damage due to excessive boost.

Compatible with throttle signal input
By inputting the signal of the throttle position sensor, boost control according to the throttle opening is possible. Cancelable.

Supports engine rotation signal input
By inputting the engine speed signal or ignition signal, boost control according to the engine speed is possible. The number of cylinders from 1 to 8 can be set, and it can handle up to 12,000 rpm. Cancelable.

Supports vehicle speed signal input
By inputting a vehicle speed signal, boost control according to the vehicle speed is possible. The number of pulses from 2 to 16 can be set, and it can support up to a high speed range of 500 km / h. Cancelable.

Map correction function
By inputting a throttle signal and an engine speed signal or a vehicle speed signal, the boost characteristics can be controlled as desired using a three-dimensional map based on these two signals.

Data memory function
Various set values ​​are stored in the internal memory, and the set values ​​will not be lost even if the battery is removed as well as the ignition is turned off. Cancelable.

Exhaust bypass selection function
Both swing valves using general actuators and poppet valve types using wastegates found in large capacity turbos are available.

Pressure unit selection function
Pressure unit can be selected from kPa or PSI.

Dimmer function
It is possible to set the brightness of the display unit lighting to your liking.

Data lock function
To prevent setting changes due to carelessness, etc., it is possible to set a password and prohibit changes to set values

Large screen color display
The adoption of a large-screen color display achieves good visibility both day and night. In addition, since many displays can be performed at once, it is possible to check necessary information at a glance.

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