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Rays Engineering

Volk Racing TE37 Ultra 19x11.0 | 5x130

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Volk TE37 Ultra

Part of the TE37’s popularity stems from their incredibly unique construction method. The base material used to construct a TE37 is Rays Engineering's special A6061-T6 blend which is 100% aluminum. Most other "aluminum" wheels are only 80% aluminum, which means the special blend isn't easily replicated and it's something very few companies have been able to replicate.

The special 100% aluminum blend makes the material lighter and stronger, allowing the wheel to resist deformation under heavy loads such as rough roads or high g-force cornering on a race track. 

The special blend also helps with thermal conductivity, ultimately helping your brakes stay within their ideal operating temperature on track.

But the topography of fast cars are now changing. Rarely are there any more sports cars or supercars that use wheels below 18 inches – mainly because of brake clearances. Which is why the TE37 Ultra was created.

The TE37 Ultra embodies the peak of advancements acquired from the legendary TE37 and its iconic spoke design, the machine manufacturing methods of the TE37SL, and the barrel construction of the TE37RT.

Thanks to all these innovations, the TE37 Ultra is now unparalleled when it comes to strength and weight in the 19-20 inch forged wheel segment. 

One of the best features of the TE37 Ultra is the knurled bead. With a knurled bead, the tire is much less likely to come off the bead or spin on the wheel. This is a very important feature for high-grip or high-power cars, where the tire is placed under massive load while accelerating and cornering. This is relative to the face-ripping g-forces generated by today’s supercars like the Nissan GT-R, Porsche 918, McLaren P1, and the Ferrari LaFerrari.


  • Size: 19x11.0
  • Lug Pattern: 5x130
  • Offset: +53
  • Finish:  Bronze (BR)
  • Included Parts: Air Valve
  • Wheel is priced individually.
  • Please contact us for special colors and availability

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